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One of the simplest ways to be eco-friendly and lower your environmental impact is to switch to reusable products.

Single-use products may be marketed as being more convenient in the short term. However, long-term damage adds up quickly. Why do we need so many single-use items? It makes more sense, financially and otherwise, to get reusable items.

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Every product you buy and use has an environmental impact. That is why we design products to last a long time or to be compostable. We select our producers based on social, ethical and environmental criteria.

Fair price

Sustainable choices are not expensive for the environment and shouldn't be for you. We do our best to make our products as affordable as possible. In the meantime, we ensure that everyone gets a fair wage.


Choose products with the highest standards of design and functionality. If our products fail to live up to your expectations, feel free to give us your feedback or suggestion and to return them at any time.

Our story

Beewise's founder, Carina, was overwhelmed by the waste she produced every day. A lack of sustainable products in the shops made it difficult to change this. That's why she decided to do something about it: make eco-friendly products available to everyone.