Give Back to the Planet

Be a catalyst for change and join the sustainability movement! With every purchase, you have the power to drive significant environmental action and support initiatives that truly make a difference in safeguarding our planet. Together, let's foster a more sustainable world and actively contribute to the protection of our precious Earth.

A Tree is Planted for each order you make

We are aware that the shipping of the orders releases CO2, which affects our environment. Because of it, we decided to plant a tree for each order you make on our website! Together, we will make our world a better place now and for future generations!

Be welcome to visit our forest here.

plastic soup fondation we donated 1% to them

1% Donated to stop Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Soup Foundation is an esteemed non-profit organization based in Amsterdam that has a global focus. Their mission is to combat plastic pollution at its source, and they do this in a remarkable way. Their slogan 'No plastic in our water or our bodies' reflects their commitment to achieving a cleaner and safer environment.

As a gesture of our support to a cleaner world, 1% of our profits are dedicated to their cause.

Products for a Circular Economy

Circular consumption is all about minimising the number of products purchased, utilizing products as long as possible, and reducing waste. Having this in mind, at Beewise, we only sell products that are reusable, home compostable, and/or recycled infinitely after their disposal (e.g. stainless steel). Our packaging and labels are always in kraft paper (natural and unbleached paper) and home compostable, reducing waste material as minimum as possible.