New branding

new logo from beewise amsterdam


I started the brand in 2019, and I wanted a simple logo that would give the identity of a brand that believes, supports, and inspires people to work together for a better planet. A brand that would design products to be reusable or home compostable. The old logo represents people working together (in a circle) for a better world.

In the first years, a few people told me to change the logo to something more natural and sustainability-related. However, it was really hard to think about changing the image of Beewise.

The year 2021 came, which was a great period overall. I met new stores, amazing suppliers, and wonderful people working for a better world. I kept studying what could be the best for Beewise. After a few months, I had a more clear identity for Beewise, and I finally could accept to ‘update’ the logo to something that connects Beewise more with its mission.

And here it is! I’m passionate about green, plants, nature, circular economy, and growing (plants and people). I still believe we need to work on it together, little by little, and that there is still a lot to do (open lines). Can you see all of it on the new logo? The shade of green was also changed to a more modern shade.

The packaging, brochures, and all the printed media that Beewise has now with the old logo will still be used. I’m totally against throwing things away unnecessarily. Only the products and materials done from the end of 2021 will have the new logo and green shade.

Eco greetings,