I'm Carina, a Brazilian product designer living in Amsterdam since 2016. I'm passionate about nature, the environment, and animals, and I have been doing my best to respect our natural resources since I was a little child. My passion for these topics came mainly from the summer vacations I spent at my Austrian grandmother's farm in Brazil (on the top photo) when I was a kid. She was an agronomist pioneer in organic farming.

My grandma was a simple person happy just to have nature around her. She used to mend all her and our clothes. When necessary, she healed the body only with plants and teas. She planted and made most of her food at the farm. Because of this, most of the waste was compostable and became food for what she grew. She shared her knowledge of organic farming to empower as many farmers as possible and improve the life quality through the food we eat. So my aim now is also to share her precious teachings with the people around me, customers, and followers - focusing on our plastic consumption.

story and about us of beewise amsterdam company showing a grocery bag made in organic cotton

In 2019, I realized that our plastic waste is not really recycled as most of the manufacturing companies disclose on their packaging: only 9% is recycled worldwide and between 50% and 60% in the NL! I felt that I need to do something, starting by analysing a way I could decrease my own waste at home. A quick win would have been to find alternatives to the common single plastic use products in normal shops, but I couldn’t find many. Talking with friends and people around me (including at my kids’ school), I also realized that many people lack environmental education and/or they don’t know or care too much about the waste they are creating.

After that, Beewise was founded to inspire people to live a sustainable life by helping and informing them to make conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Our mission is to combat plastic pollution by offering a range of accessible, reusable, non-toxic, and sustainable products. Our packaging reflects our commitment to the environment, as it is completely plastic-free and compostable. With our products available in over 140 fabulous stores spread across 17 European countries, we firmly believe that small changes can collectively make a profound impact on our planet!

Join us in our journey towards a greener world, one mindful choice at a time!