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Go-To Travel Gift Box

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If you're looking for a gift for an environmentally conscious friend or inspiring someone to have a more zero waste lifestyle while traveling, then look no further!

How about a reusable straw and a collapsible cup? When using both of them is possible to reduce your waste and reliance on single-use items that are not recyclable. Why are they not recyclable? The single-use plastic straw is too small for most recycling conveyor belts - and the single-use paper cup has a plastic lining inside, which is very hard (to don't say impossible) to recycle.

In addition, it also has a sturdy multi-purpose shopping bag with inner pockets where you can keep your food, purchases, wallet, cell phone,  etc., well protected. Skip the single-use, and let's go for a better option for our environment!


What's in the gift box?

  • A Collapsible Travel Cup, with which you can drink everything you want (e.g., water, juice, coffee, tea) during your day or even eat delicious ice cream. It comes with a leak-proof lid, and it has a perfect size to be used in Coffee Shops – with measurements inside the cup. Available in 6 colours.
    • A Necklace Cup Holder which is a great accessory to keep your hands free and be eco at the same time. It is ideal for festivals, concerts, sporting events, private parties, companies, schools, leisure areas, and even in your daily life. Available in 6 colours.

    • Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag made from 100% Organic Cotton Canvas. It is reusable, washable, foldable, and sustainable. Instead of relying on disposable bags that are not good for the planet, this canvas grocery bag is a sustainable alternative to reusable plastic bags or smaller cotton bags. Available with 2 different quotes.

    • A Stainless Steel Straw Set that contains two BPA-free straws and comes with a portable carrying bag and a cleaning brush to ensure you can take them anywhere and make sure they’re ready for whatever drink is next.

    • An informative card with some inspirations for you to follow a more sustainable life.
    • A small tag for the name and/or a little message to your recipient. Let us know if you want us to write a message for you on the tag. We can also add a Christmas decorative tag for the name. Use the 'note' on the checkout to communicate it to us.

    The Go-To Travel Gift Box is perfect for celebrating birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations!

    We offer a few options for most of the gift boxes, so you have various choices. If you don't find the combination you are looking for, you can make your own box. Just make your purchase and tell us that you would like to have it as a gift box on the 'note' during the checkout, or drop us an email. We will prepare a customized gift box for you (a free service)!