Can summer festivals be more sustainable?

It’s no surprise that in the Netherlands, we can find some of the best and most *wild* music festivals in all of Europe. But what many often forget is how much the earth suffers from these huge events. We all know that global temperatures have continued to rise since the late 60s, that microplastics can be found across the oceans, and that there are seemingly unstoppable fires due to major droughts in nearly every continent… and yet we overlook the great amount of waste, energy consumption and mind-blowing travel emissions that emerge from music festivals.



But don’t get us wrong… we’re not saying that music festivals should be altogether banned or boycotted! Fortunately, not all festivals are that unsustainable. Many have already made changes and incorporated more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of combating the industry’s harm to the environment.

For example, Envision Festival has planted already over 15,000 trees in their hosting country of Costa Rica. Over in the UK, the Association of Independent Festivals has fully stopped using single-use plastics. Australia’s Rainbow Serpent Festival implemented compost toilets along with other sustainable initiatives, and Amsterdam’s own DGTL, which is a 100% plant-based and zero-waste event, doesn’t shy away from using renewable energy sources, limiting freshwater and recovering nutrients from wastewater, and preventing food waste by using natural resources responsibly.



Change is already happening! And to take it a step further, we wanted to tell you about yet another opportunity to enjoy live music outdoors. Sunday Sounds offer Amsterdammers the opportunity to relax under the trees of the dreamiest gardens and enjoy the sun surrounded by friends & family or meet new people. Found at the Tolhuistuin, almost every day they organize activities and games for kids, a wide range of workshops, performances, food and even the opportunity to cut radiator foil and save gas!



However, this is not just an invitation to visit a really cool garden and enjoy time with loved ones, but a reminder to get outdoors and re-think the activities you can take in this summer. Stop every now and again and ask yourself: can I cut out on waste and bring my own reusable coffee cup to this event or festival? Do they allow attendees to bring their own food, cutlery set, and cup to avoid single-use plastics? Does this event dispose of waste responsibly? Do they follow a sustainability policy? In any case, the best you always can do to enjoy an event or festival sustainably is always bring your reusables with you!

Hopefully, this information can be helpful and inspiring for the moments you are invited to visit any kind of summer event. Let this blog remind you to stick to your values and prioritize taking care of our planet.